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Memory Activities - Bible Challenge

Remembering Objects Introduction
This video introduces you to the new series on "Remembering". We want you to spend 10 minutes each day for 10 days reading your Bible. The more you spend in Gods word, the more you will Remember.  
First Hide and Find Photo
First hide and find photo  (1).JPG

Two hot dogs
A fork, a spoon and a knife
Three tomatoes
Milk and cookie
Two corn on the cob
One apple
Sunny side up egg
Salt and pepper shakers
Two slices of bread





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First photo answers .JPG
Activity #2
Ms. Angie and Ms. Taylor show you have to do a weaving activity and reads the story of Jesus healing a man who could not walk
Second Hide and Find Photo
Second hide and find photo .JPG

Hide and find # 2
3 Forkys
1 Woody
3 Ninja Turtles
4 Power Rangers
2 Hello Kitty
1 Bat Man
2 Spider man
2 White Polar Bears
1 Mr Incredible




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Second photo answers .JPG
Activity #3
Watch Ms. Angie and Ms. Taylor for their third Bible story video. This week, they're reading the story of the lost sheep and playing a fun coin game! 
Third Hide and Find Photo
Third hide and find photo .JPG

Hide And Find #3

1 Sparkly pink purse

1 Stethoscope

2 Baby Shoes

1 Purple Unicorn

1 Camera

1 Pink Star

2 Boy Dolls

2 Deer

1 Baby Pacifier



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Third photo answers .JPG
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