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Imagine if you had less financial stress, more financial security and the knowledge to make great financial progress! Do you know what the Bible says about money? The reality today is that most people, including lots of Christians, don’t understand the true meaning of honoring God with their finances.

At Hillside we want you to be good stewards of your money. The following resources are extremely beneficial for people of all ages. Whether you are struggling with money or interested in learning better ways to manage your money, this page is for you! 

personal financial Coaching

What is Financial Coaching?

Personal financial coaching is for anyone who wants to better understand their finances. We work together to develop a plan and implement strategies to reach your financial goals. You'll discover what habits and behaviors are holding you back from success with money.

Coaching is confidential, nonjudgmental, motivational and holds you accountable for making helpful changes.

How to Get Started!

Take the first step and schedule a consultation today. We'll discuss your financial concerns and determine a plan to move forward with coaching. 

Contact Tracy at 610-207-8677 if you have any questions. 


Coaching Can Help You...

  • Learn to create a budget that works

  • Become debt free 

  • Save money for emergencies

  • How to invest money

  • How to reduce spending

  • Avoiding bankruptcy / foreclosure

  • Become stress free from money

  • Be generous with your giving

  • Apply Biblical principles

  • Quit living paycheck to paycheck

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