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Easter Story Series

Introduction Video
This first video will explain our first craft. We'll be making resurrection eggs as our first craft during this Easter season.
Below our PDF instructions that you can print to help you along.
Palm Sunday 
Watch Ms. Angie and Ms. Taylor read the story of Palm Sunday and learn about how God always keeps His promises!
Easter Story #3
Ms. Angie and Ms. Taylor are reading about how important it is to love God and to love others. Make lists of how you can practice this love so you can always remember.
Easter Story #4
Join our Ms. Angie and Ms. Taylor today while we learn about the importance of prayer and the love God shows the world by sending his son Jesus to save us.
Easter Story #5
It's Good Friday, and today we're learning about the cost of our sins and how Jesus paid for that cost by dying on a cross for us.
Easter Story #6
Happy Easter. Jesus has Risen! Today's story is, Things we are SURE of.   
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