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Love Has A Name by Adam Weber

In his second book Love Has A Name, following his 2017 release “Talking with God,” (See my book review here) Adam Weber once again delivers a thoughtful, down-to-earth, conversational approach to interacting well with other people.

In Love Has A Name Weber turns each chapter into a story about real human beings, real interactions, and how he learned from each one. Each individual person/chapter became another opportunity for Weber to not only learn to love, show compassion, exercise empathy, but also the opportunity for him to grow into a more Christian, more Christ-centered person.

In a similar way to his first book, Weber weaves humor, emotion, difficult situations, and other personal accounts to connect with the reader and create a beautiful, yet vulnerable place, to learn and grow.

Do you want to take some steps towards loving more like Jesus? Then this book is a welcomed and non-intimidating place to start.

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