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The Knapp Family, German Missionaries - Budget Need 2021

Updated: Dec 9, 2020

Why We Work in Germany:

Germany is a beautiful country. But that's not why we work here. We are here because the need for Christian workers is great. Germany is a post-Christian country. That means that over 95% of the 83 million people who live here do not have a relationship with Jesus. Our mission is to build relationships with people who need Jesus. That is what we have been doing since 2010.

Our Current Financial Status:

We imagine this year has been a difficult one to get through for you. The Coronavirus has changed the way we live and how we gather for church. Thank God for Zoom!

For us personally, this has been a difficult year financially. We are underfunded and on top of that, the exchange rate has gone from $1.07 to $1.19. For us, that means for every dollar we exchange for a Euro it takes $1.19. For example, for $1000 at a $1.07 exchange rate, we receive 934 Euros and at $1.19 we receive 840 Euros. That's a $94 dollar difference! That brings me to our budget. We have updated our budget for 2021. This year we have averaged $2,813 in monthly giving. The total for our new budget is $5,370. This means we need to raise $2,560 in order to break even each month.

What does this total cover? Here are a few areas where your financial support goes toward:  Rent 

Health Insurance 

Water/Electric 

Groceries 

TV Tax (yes, that is a thing) 

Social Security 

Ministry, etc.

We Are Thankful

We are thankful for the 10 years we have been able to minister here in Peine, Germany. We are thankful to God, our financial supporters, and those who continue to pray for us. You are the ones who have made all this possible. Please pray that God would move hearts as we try to raise monthly financial support and meet our budget so that we c

an continue to minister in Germany.

Because of Jesus, David, Amanda, Max, Olivia, Alena, and Baby

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